My profile picture. Cropped fanart of Otonashi Ayana, from Tsui no Sora.

Lux Aliaga

software developer, student

A selfie of me, hiding my mouth with my hand, with my glasses and headphones on. It's tinted in a maroon color, and has a wind effect applied to it.

about me

i'm a 20 year old girl, currently studying software engineering at the University of Santiago, Chile (USACH). my interests are largely within open source software, privacy in the digital age, *nix systems, and federated platforms. i've been managing servers for five years with complex stacks and restricted resources, and i'm a full-stack developer, with Rust being my primary programming language. my pronouns are she/they.


here you can find my most notable body of work throughout the years, on the various fields i'm experienced with.

shoelace (2024)

A screenshot of Shoelace, showing a post by @munecatmusic on Threads. It highlights a YouTube video for an essay on evolutionary psychology.

alternative frontend for Instagram's Threads. written in Rust, using actix-web and the "spools" library. first release was finished in about two weeks.

vento (2022)

A demonstration for the Vento CLI utility. Shows how it stores and drops files on various directories.

CLI utility for storing files similar to how one would in a text adventure. written in Rust. makes use of common libraries, such as anyhow and clap. first major project using the language.

coral castle (2022)

A screenshot of the Coral Castle homepage, showing its terms of service, and various panes for logging in, looking at timelines, and showing the instance's administrators.

public akkoma instance i selfhost at home. gets constant recommendations for people who want to try out the software. has survived two data corruption cases from different causes.

rhythmblock (2021)

A screenshot of a Minecraft world. Depicts a glass cube with colors from both the non-binary flag and the transgender flag scattered accross tinted glass blocks. At the center of the image, a ComputerCraft computer with a monitor and disk drive attached to it. The monitor displays the interface for Rhythmblock.

graphical music player for ComputerCraft. my main experience with lua can be found in this project, although being essentially within an interpreter in Minecraft. (2020)

Artwork showing a volumetric version of the logo, floating over a plane which displays code.

collective providing a privacy-friendly cloud software suite for LGBTQIA+ people. cofounder and sysadmin for the project, alongside luna. probably one of the most popular projects i've started.

lunecrash (2020)

A photo of a Xiaomi Mi A3 running Ubuntu Touch.

port of Halium for Xiaomi Mi A3. made with my friend daniele. was truly the project where i began handling source control, having to rebase and cherry pick a lot of patches on top of a downstream linux kernel.

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